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Commercial & Business enquiries.

We undertake commercial cleans.

This has included:







Some of our customers have included:

YHA Hotel, Brighton

W.E Clark & Sons, Lewes

Dirty Blonde, Brighton

Debenhams, Eastbourne

Fairlight Hall, Hastings

It is a rather false economy to allow your in-house cleaners to clean lighting fitments and chandeliers. Unless they specialise in this field and have the specific requisite knowledge, they will be causing damage to the fitments and any droplets they are furnished with. Using the wrong products on crystal & glass features will cause them to cloud and turn permanently milky in appearance.

Using the wrong product on the frame and general body of fittings will cause them to tarnish and fade.

The lighting you choose for your business will sustain a heavy amount of general wear due to the environment and conditions surrounding the footfall of the premises.

You've chosen these items for a reason- they greatly compliment and enhance your business, and you want them to impress a high-quality impact on your patrons. They're not temporary items, but if left to absorb the daily elements that life and the world bring them, they can become very tired and dated, requiring you to question whether it's time for a change; often an expensive option.

Have the pieces cleaned by us, and you'll be amazed at the difference, and just how much longer they will stay pristine and retain their original splendor for many more years left to come. 

We would welcome the opportunity to proffer you a totally free, detailed quotation for the cleaning of your lighting, and deliver you the best service in the industry.

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