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What we do.

We make chandeliers beautiful again. You've probably guessed that.

We are delighted to give you a totally un-imposing, free quotation for any work. Even if you’re not sure whether you may need the work doing, contact us for a free quote!

Cleaning is not restricted just to ceiling lights & chandeliers.

We also clean wall, table, floor and outdoor lights. Basically, anywhere you can place a light fitting, we can clean it.

Although some people may consider that they can sufficiently undertake their own cleaning of their light fittings and chandeliers, it's very often something which doesn't hold much enthusiasm.

It is a specialised job. You are dealing with delicate electrics, intricate parts which may have become brittle over time, and in many cases, items which are antiques.

Imagine hand-polishing each of the hundreds or thousands of individual crystal droplets on a crystal chandelier...

Think about wobbling atop your ladder at 12 foot, determined to remove that thick layer of grime which has embedded itself into your designer metal chandelier you worked hard to save for and loved when you first bought. You're trying painfully to restore it to its former glory.

...... you're working for yourself, and your minds eye tells you that a quick wipe with that feather duster will be sufficient.

We, on the other hand, specialise solely in its cleaning. It's what we do.

We don’t recommend the use of manufactured chandelier cleaning aerosols or sprays sold in stores. They contain very strong chemicals that will degrade the frame and any clips/links which join crystal pieces together. This causes them to rust and disintegrate.

There are different types of dirt.

For example, near a beach there would be sand and extra humidity brought in from sea mist. Near busy roads you can find greyish exhaust fume deposits.

In all cases though, the most prevalent factor through time is a combination of humidity, temperature, dust and flies/insects, which results in a brown, baked on coat which resembles a wood varnish.

Chandeliers used in kitchens require more detailed cleaning due to oil and grease build-up, as well as dust sticking to the components due to moisture from sinks and stoves.

We use unique cleaning products, specialised for use with cleaning chandeliers.

It is important to dry crystals properly as any water droplets will result in streaks.

The beauty of crystal, of course, is the prismatic refraction of the light passing through the crystal ornament. So, the minute it’s got any kind of residue of dust or even moisture, the humidity will cause dust to adhere to the crystal and the salt in the air will make it cloudy.

We take chandeliers apart and clean them by hand, we do not spray them with solvents that can cause untold damage and leave a film to attract dust.

Cleaning can be carried out on site and we supply all materials needed for a discreet service.

In some instances, if a more thorough clean is required we can potentially remove it from the premises for work to be undertaken at our workshop (stipulations apply).

Cleaning is not restricted to chandeliers; we work on wall lights, metal-framed lighting and modern fittings. In addition we can supply you with the appropriate bulbs or many missing components upon request.

One-off cleans to regular maintenance; we can clean your pieces, large or small.

Our pricing is very reasonable.

We do not believe in hidden charges; the price we agree is the price you pay.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and proffer you a totally free quotation for a clean.


We are based in Brighton, but can and do travel throughout the UK.

We're not a huge company, and are family-run.

This means that the dedication from the founding members can be felt directly through the work and craftsmanship of our staff. We're not some big company where the owners rarely have any direct involvement in how their staff are operating. We have direct input, and the effort and dedication which goes into our work very much impacts our lives and that of our staff.

It's worth noting that you don't necessarily have to be present during a clean.

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